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At a time when we need to think of innovative ways to be together, Speakeasy is doing what we can to help companies stay in touch, share experiences and help everyone feel they still belong.
Which is why we’re keen to tell you about some of the creative and technical ways we can help you do just that.


Virtually all of us have attended a webinar online, watched an on-demand video presentation or animation, or joined a meeting using a video conferencing tool. These are all examples of virtual events, where individuals experience and interact with content online rather than gathering in-person.

Six Reasons

Why virtual events can take the place of in-person events to keep your people united.

1. Safe distance

Virtual events have been around for a while but for most companies have been something to consider for the future. And anyway, why would you want to hold an event with no person to person contact? Funny how times change.

2. They are effective

The truth is a virtual event can do pretty much anything an in-person event can do. In fact, the trick is to treat it in the same way. The emphasis is on content and planning, putting together a balanced programme of plenaries, workshops, smaller forums, networking and breaks from the screen.

3. They’re versatile

Virtual events come in a range of flavours, from simple webinars based around one or more presentations to multi-activity conferences offering keynotes, forums, breakouts, panels, chats, polling, Q&A, and virtual exhibitions where delegates move between on-line meetings in virtual booths. Social Media and Collaboration tools allow for great networking opportunities too. We can offer you all of this.

4. They’re different - but the same

This is a wheel that doesn’t need to be re-invented. Whatever plans you’ve got for your in-person events, we can translate them directly into a virtual format – even at the last minute if that’s what you need. The same content can be used, along with many of the same processes and systems for marketing, delegate management and interactive communication.

5. Engagement is Key

As with any event, engagement is key. We will select the best method of presenting content in a way that involves, inspires and deepens understanding. And instead of leads and contacts gathered on site, online events provide a rich source of data gathered virtually, enabling effective attendee to attendee communication post event.

6. They can save you money

Virtual events can help you save the costs associated with venue hire, F&B and accommodation. But there will always be a place for in-person events and the benefits of direct person-to-person contact. But even beyond the current travel restrictions the demand for virtual events will continue to grow as a cost-effective part of the communications mix.

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